Online Tools
Discover & share science protocol knowledge. An open access platform for sharing and discovering up-to-date life science methods.

Keep a record of every peer review you do for the world’s journals. Publons provides statistics about how peer review behaviour compares across individuals, disciplines, institutions and countries.

Single observation publishing.  At Matters, you do not have to wait to assemble all the data to tell a story.

Repository where users can make all of their research outputs available in a citable, shareable and discoverable manner.

 Wellcome Open Research
Immediate & Transparent Publishing. A journal that allows researchers to rapidly publish any results they think are worth sharing.

Science disrupt
Creating a change in science. A group that records podcasts, writes editorials and runs events aimed at improving science.

Open source electronic lab notebook, which helps you organize your scientific data and safely store it in one place.

Accelerate interpretation of your NGS data. A knowledgebase connecting targeted therapies to genomic variants.

Crowdfunding platform for biomedical & healthcare research.

Discover a better way of searching for genomic data. Enabling easy search and access to genomic data.

More than just a reference manager. Manage your research online and conveniently access it from any computer.


The co-working hub for researchers. Collaborative reading of articles & books while engaging in discussions direclty over the content.

Biovista Vizit

Visual bibliographic search tool. Search tool based on PubMed that helps biomedical scientists with their research, discovery work and collaboration.


Digital life sciences marketplace & comparison engine to find and buy the right biotech kits.

Search engine to get insights from scientific papers about methods, tools, and reagents.

Write semantic science. User friendly structuring of biomedical texts so that articles can be machine-readable and published in media format.